Indexing plungers

Indexing plungers


Material: Steel version: Indexing pin hardened: grade 5.8. Stainless steel version, Indexing pin hardened Threaded sleeve 1.4305 Indexing pin 1.4034 Indexing pin not hardened Threaded sleeve 1.4305 Indexing pin 1.4305 Mushroom knob red thermoplastic Version: Steel version: Indexing pin hardened, ground, black oxidised. Stainless steel version: Indexing pin hardened, ground and bright. Indexing pin not hardened, ground and bright. Note: Indexing plungers are used to prevent any change in locking position due to lateral forces. A new locking position can only be set after the pin has been manually disengaged. Form C or D is recommended for applications where the plunger remains disengaged over a long period and the pin should be prevented from springing back. On request: Special versions. Accessory: Spacer rings 03089 Special features:

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