Indicating Screwdrivers - STC2-G

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Torque Screwdriver with reversible digital display Tohnichi's digital screwdriver STC2-G is ideal for controlled screw tightening or inspections. Manual screw tightening always represents a risk because fasteners are often overloaded and a fracture hazard. This risk is minimized by the torque screwdriver with LED indicator ring and reversible display. The STC2-G is powered by a Li-Ion battery pack that allows a continuous use of up to 30 hours. Available measuring units are cN·m, kgf·cm, Lbf·in, and ozf·in. Up to 1000 readings can be stored in the internal memory. The display of STC2 -G can be reversed, whereby the reading from the respective viewing angle is greatly facilitated. This increases the reliability of results and ease of use. Key Features Accuracy ± 1% Track or Peak mode in both directions 3-colour LED indicator ring shows torque status Memory for up to 1000 readings USB interface for data export 1/4“ female hexagonal insert for bits and adaptors acc. to DIN...