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Direct Reading Flat Beam Memory Series The SR line of Flat Beam torque wrenches is the direct descendant of those produced by P. A. Sturtevant in the 1930's, and is still among the most accurate and durable of all torque wrenches on the market! The four most important requirements of a torque wrench – accuracy, reliability, durability, low ownership cost – are combined into these exceptional tools. Accuracy is literally ground into the wrench. The service life of these tools is frequently measured in decades! The special alloy steel beam is ground to a rate of deflection with the use of dead weights, rather than a dimensional tolerance. This process is time consuming and very labor intensive, but the result is a tool that remains accurate as long as the beam is intact and the pointer is on zero under no-load condition. The flat shape of the beam insures the wrench remains at a right angle to the fastener, reducing or eliminating side-loading error. This unique taper-grinding...

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