Indicating Torque Wrenches



Industrial Dial Torque Wrenches Sturtevant Richmont (SR) has made some changes to the dial wrench line up. The MD dial wrenches are now in legacy status. You will immediately see and feel the difference in the new Industrial Dial Wrench (IDW) Series. More than the cosmetic changes of the black oxide powder coat and chromed steel, SR also changed square drive sizes to enhance structural integrity. The new IDW series of dial torque wrenches are ideal for any application where A visible reading of the torque is important A retained measurement of the peak torque is required The user can see the face of the tool when torque is being applied Accuracy better than that of a clicker-type torque wrench is desired The application is non-destructive Rotation torque of an assembly is a specification. High-precision assembly operations, fastener testing (in-process/final/receiving) operations where prevailing-torque nuts are used, and auditing of fastener or assembly torque are all places...

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