Indicating Torque Wrenches



Dial Indicating Torque Wrenches Basic dial indicating inspection torque wrench with wide range and high accuracy. Inspection torque wrench. DB-S series, DBE-S series and DBR-S series have a convenient memory pointer giving peak reading. Models with memory pointer have “-S” at the end of their model names. Since the dial can be rotated, the pointer can be set to the desired torque first, and complete tightening is achieved when the pointer indicates "0". DBE accuracy is consistent regardless of where the hand is placed. DBE wrench has a detachable extension handle. Key Features Oversized dial face is extremely easy to read. Accuracy and calibration procedures compliant to ISO 6789 type I class B. Bi-directional. Fixed male square drive. Shipping List Torque Wrench DB-E Traceable calibration certificate Operating manual Options Alternatively in english units (lbf·ft) or with metric scale (kgf·m) on request. Optionally without memory pointer. Adjusting Tool #316 (torque tester...

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