Product Description 1.Product name: nanometer indium tin oxide 2.English name: Indium Tin Oxide 3.CAS No. : 50926-11-9 4.Properties: indium tin oxide (ITO, or tin doped indium oxide) is a kind of indium (III) oxide (In2O3) and tin (IV) oxide (SnO2) doped compounds. 5.Thecompany developed nano ITO powder is a kind of indium tin oxide, its excellent transparency and electrical conductivity, can effectively block harmful electronic radiation, ultraviolet and infrared light.The coating on the surface of the some visual window class material can in does not affect under the condition of visible light through, to improve its surface conductivity, blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation. 6.Alcohol sex of nano ITO slurry is a kind of advanced distributed technology of ITO powder dispersed into stable alcohol paste. Product name Dispersion-free Indium Tin Oxide ITO slurry Art No. TR-ITO Appearance light green/yellow Slurry Component Indium Tin Oxide

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