Individual „Direct Tensioning“ Concept With Controlled Steel Cord Tension -

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Siempelkamp’s steel-cord conveyor belt presses distinguish by an innovative steel-cord tensioning concept: the controlled steel-cord tension distribution system increases production safety and improves product quality. The electromotive tensioning system, which is individually controlled and installed directly in the creel with integrated measuring and control functions, allows a 100%-control over the actual steel-cord tension distribution. The exact quality reporting enables our customers to optimize the production, hence the product’s quality. The new concept replaces the xed-nger comb used in previous systems with a roller comb. The friction between comb and steel cables is thus eliminated. Consequently, the abrasive wear on the galvanized steel cables is reduced. Unlike the traditional concept, the new roller comb prevents any variations in tension distribution. Services Direct tensioning control in the creel Individually controlled steel-cord tension distribution