Your choosen diameter is not a standard on the market? You need customized spezial diameter pmma acrylic tubes / pipes? No problem: Our picture shows, for example, 10 pcs. of customized clear transparent acrylic Plexiglas tubes 711 Ø x 2900 mm length on top of the pylons of the Munskjö bridge, Sweden. For nearly 50 years HECKER has an excellent know-how for the manual production of clear transparent customized / custom made Plexiglas acrylic tubes with special diameters. This method is particularly suitable for pmma tubes / pipes in small scale production in the diameter range 100 - 900 mm and lengths to 2900 mm If you have other requirements, please ask separately. HECKER's plastics specialists will manufacture visually brilliant Plexiglass tubes and pipes for you with a fine lengthwise join that can be seen cleanly and less obviously as a slight shadow. Industrial companies in all branches throughout Europe use this HECKER solution. Are you interested in this HECKER production technology? Or would you like to have a look at some applications and solutions of successful HECKER customers?

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