MANTIS-ULV spraying systems for the economical application of liquids ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume, meaning particularly small output quantities. The ULV metering technology, in conjunction with Mantis rotary atomisers, achieves an ideal narrow droplet spectrum of 35-45 um, ensuring optimum surface wetting. With the BL industrial atomiser from Mantis, it is possible to generate approx. 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid. The rotary atomiser works without pressure, and the spray pattern is created by means of centrifugal force and using a specially developed atomiser disc. The droplets are deposited evenly on the surface by means of the vertical air stream generated by the rotation disc and gravity. There are application areas in various branches like the concrete industry for the application of release agents the food industry e.g. for the application of release agents or flavouring substances

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