Micro Sensor for Humidity and Temperature The Micro Sensor DKRF410 is available as one of two models which are especially suitable for humidity and temperature measurements in areas difficult to access such as insulation, concrete walls, floor screed, product and packaging tests. The DKRF410 probe has a range of 0...100% RH and offers an accuracy of up to 2% RH. At the same time temperature measurements with a range of -40...+80°C can be undertaken. Two separate analogue outputs each provide a linear signal f 0...1V / 0...5V or 0...10V. A passive output signal for temperature (PT100) can also be provided. If you require a 4-20 mA output signal the DKRF 473 industrial transmitter can be used with the -XS and -XXS probe. The DKRF410 is also available with digital outputs (RS232, USB, RS485).

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