Industrial Robot Nachi MZ07

Latest motion control technology to improve productivity!


Smart cable routing Compact and flexible installation Easy programming Multipurpose usage Software Built-In PLC

Industrial robots
  • automation and robotics
  • automation robotics
  • Assembly robots

Product features

Weight 30kg
Max. working load 7,0 kg
Max. range 723 mm
Footprint Ø 190 mm
Protection class IP67
Electric power consumption Ca. 400 Watt
Rotation of joints: Arm J1 ±170°
Rotation of joints: Arm J2 -135º ~ +80º
Rotation of joints: Arm J3 -136º ~ +270º
Rotation of joints: Hand J4 ±190º
Rotation of joints: Hand J5 ±120º
Rotation of joints: Hand J6 ±360º
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Max. Speed in º/s: J1 450
Max. Speed in º/s: J2 380
Max. Speed in º/s: J3 520
Max. Speed in º/s: J4 550
Max. Speed in º/s: J5 550
Max. Speed in º/s: J6 100

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