Industrial care



As a contract manufacturer and contract filler, we offer our customers a large and varied range of industrial care products. From wax release agents and basic cleaning agents to special cleaning and cold cleaning agents, floor oils or Chromoblitz-emulsions and sweeping shavings: This product variety of industrial care products meets almost every customer’s wish and need. In addition, what may have existed up to now only as an idea of the customer can be specially developed by the knowledge and innovative strengths of Wachsfabrik Segeberg GmbH. Basic cleaning agents: Flexible surfactants Basic cleaning agents are based on surfactants, which are either water- or solvent-based, depending on the desired application. These industrial care products have a degreasing and dewaxing effect. Floor oils: Impregnation of industrial floors Special floor oils are used to make industrial floors less sensitive to dust and dirt and to impregnate them.

Chemicals - Basic Products & Derivatives
  • floor oils
  • special cleaning agent
  • cold cleaning agents

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