BMT ltd manufactures different types of industrial liquid motor driven mixers for intensive agitation of various media in polymer tanks and reactors. The mixes are recommended for stirring low and medium viscosity liquids, and can be used in numerous industries. On Clients request the mixer can be adjusted for various tank types, including metal. The mixers can be top and side mounted. BMT ltd produces the following mixers types: •Propeller mixer •Gate-impeller mixer •Paddle Stirrer •Turbine-type mixer •Anchor Agitator •Cutter-type mixer •Cone-type mixer •Side-entry mixer The mixers provide smooth and steady rotation, even stirring. Blades and axis are made of stainless steel, PP. The mixers can be used in great volume and great depth liquid agitation. Maximum shaft length is 5 m.

Water treatment, industrial - systems and equipment
  • mechanical mixers
  • mechanical stirrers for water systems