Industrial parts Alumina Ceramic Sqaure / Rectangle Block

Alumina Ceramic Square / Rectangle Block
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Alumina cearmic bar is used when conditions exclude the use of metal, either for chemical reasons or because of excessive temperatures.Their main applications are between 1000 and 1800°C. They may be in directly contact with the medium or may be used as a gas-tight inner sheath to separate the thermocouple from the actual metal protection tube. Ceramic tubes should be mounted in a hanging position above 1200°C to prevent distortion or fracture due to bending stresses. Evenhair-line cracks can lead to contamination of the thermocouple resulting in drift or failure. High purity ceramic strip provide a broad range of engineering properties: High Temperature-Superior Strength-Corrosion Resistance-Thermal & Electrical Insulation along with other specialized characteristics. -Precision Close, Tight Tolerances, -Ceramic Bar & Ceramic Strip machined to customer specifications-Prototype to Production-Intricate ceramic machining -Alumina is widely used in automotive,petro-chemical

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