Industrial software _orderProcessing.BRAIN

Industry software


Control of all labeling jobs from the ERP system Order processing software _orderProcessing.BRAIN retrieves entire labeling jobs from the ERP system in form of XML files and entirely autonomously controls price labeling lines via _connect.BRAIN. Labeling can be performed on a single-job basis with different items or on a per-item basis for different customers. All relevant data is called up by _orderProcessing.BRAIN and the actual production data is returned once the job is complete.

  • industrial software
  • orderProcessing software
  • Control of all labeling

Product features

Supported Bizerba devices GX devices
Computer and processor 1,500 Megahertz (MHz) or better
Display Monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
RAM At least 2 GB main memory, recommended 4 GB main memory
Drive DVD drive

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