Industrial wash with manual adjustment

Automatic washing unit


A washing unit with manual cleaning designated for complex cavities, soot dirt and carbon deposits. It is guaranteed to remove: cooling mixtures, dust, shavings, composites, oils after stamping, rust-preventing grease, polishing compounds, emulsions, oil products, sweat and grease deposits. The unit allows you to clean parts with complex cavities. A washing unit is equipped with a pneumatic drive for connecting a pneumatic brush and an air gun, as well as a flexible hose for supplying water under pressure.

Surface treatment - machinery and equipment
  • spare part washing
  • Industrial washer
  • washing-drying machines

Product features

Basket diameter Min 700 mm, Max 1400 mm
Washing space height Min. 400 mm, Max 780 mm
Capacity (maximum) 400 kg

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