Industry 4.0 at ZUMBACH

INDUSTRY 4.0 - Overview


These days, everyone's talking about Industry 4.0. Are we facing something unknown or unheard-of? In actual fact, the technologies involved in Industry 4.0 are well-known; the concepts are visionary but not new. Much ado about nothing? Interconnecting physical objects with the virtual world using modern technology produces new working methods and business models that, set against current trends, are more evolutionary than revolutionary. The momentum surrounding Industry 4.0, however, should not be underestimated. Equipping components and machinery with sensors and software makes it possible to acquire field data automatically. Interconnection means this data can be retrieved in near real-time and collated at a central point. What could previously be seen directly at the components and machinery on the shop floor can now be visualised and monitored using software on a single platform. The result is maximum transparency. All data is provided at application level, making it easy to...

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