Ink/doctoring cups

Ink/doctoring cups for ”hermetic” standard tampon printing machines


TAMPOPRINT offers a wide range of ink/doctoring cups for "hermetic" standard pad printing machines. Available are sizes with diameters of 30/40/60/90/130/140/150/210 mm in plastic, aluminum or steel with ceramic or carbide doctoring ring. Multi-color ink/doctoring cups, pressure rings and pressure ring adapters are also available. The ink/doctoring cup is used in the "hermetic" pad printing process to transfer the printing ink to the cliché in a single operation and simultaneously remove the ink (doctoring).

Pad printing
  • Ink/doctoring cup
  • Pad printing
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Product features

Application Pad Printing
Application “hermetic“ Pad Printing Machines
Design Aluminium, plastics, steel
Ink/doctoring cup diameter 30/40/60/90/130/140/150/210 mm

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