With the well-proven HP cartridge quality, the EBS-TJ-100 has an extremely compact style and is top value for money. It can print up to 600 dpi resolution. So the simplest exercise is to print detailed graphics, QR-codes and texts. The solid aluminium structure with a length of only 123 mm excels with its patented click system which enables the cartridge to be simply clicked into place at the touch of a finger. Plastic clamping mechanisms (weak and potentially fragile), are a thing of the past. One printer to mark them all Print heads with black, water-based inks for porous surfaces like paper, cardboard and wood are available as well as high-contrast black inks for strongly absorbent surfaces together with solvent-based inks for smooth products (plastics, laminated cardboard, metal etc.). Millions of sophisticated, high-class prints can be created with the Windows-based software provided. Of course, external data can be transferred in real-time to a variable fields.

Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing

Product features

Technique inkjet
Applications for metal, for wood, for cardboard boxes, for plastics

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