The Handjet EBS-250 makes its mark. Firstly, because the inkjet printer is a hand-held marking device for mobile use and secondly, because its technical innovations, application possibilities and particularly clear print image are trend-setting. With the Handjet reliable marking can be made on practically any surface, whether metal, fabric, ceramic, plastic or wood. It is also extremely easy to use: the codes are digitally read into the device and printed out at the touch of a button. Don't waste time to transport your products to the printer. Bring the printer to the product! Handjet EBS-250 is easily transportable and doesn't need big preparation. It only weighs as little as five apples. Tired arms are things from the past. You can easily work for hours and you don't even feel the weight. Hard-to-reach objects such as ventilation pipes are often accessible only overhead. The handjet prints in any position, thanks to valve technology.

Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing

Product features

Technique inkjet
Configuration hand-held
Other characteristics compact, mobile, for metal, for wood

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