Handjet EBS-260 stands for unrestricted mobility, easy handling and operational capability even under rough operating conditions. The coder has many useful functions for everyday operation that make your life easier. High efficiency through low ink consumption and long battery life help you to reduce your operating costs significantly. No more wasting time transporting your products to the printer. Bring the printer to the product! The Handjet EBS-260 is easy to transport and does not require much preparation. The coder weighs only about eight apples. Tired arms are a thing of the past. You can easily work for hours and don't even feel the weight. Objects that are difficult to access, such as ventilation pipes, are often only accessible overhead. Thanks valve technology, the handjet prints in any position. Learn more on our homepage and convince yourself!

Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing

Product features

Technique inkjet
Configuration hand-held
Other characteristics compact, high-resolution, mobile, for metal, for wood

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