LEIBINGER provides the ideal inks and solvents for all its small character inkjet printers. LEIBINGER inks and solvents meet the highest quality standards and feature outstanding print and resolution quality as well as extremely high smear and abrasion resistance. - Variety of colored inks and soft pigmented inks - Fast-drying solvent inks - MEK-free, ketone-free and alcohol-based inks - Temperature-resistant inks - Pigmented contrast inks (opaque inks) - Security, color changing, sterilization, fluorescent, adhesive and alcohol-resistant inks, - Food-grade ink and food packaging inks - Removable inks - Inks certified for aviation, approved by leading aircraft manufacturers - Halogen-free inks - Inks for eggshells - PVC inks (vinyl inks/transfer-resistant inks) - UV-curable inks - Invisible UV-curable security inks (only visible under UV light) - UV color inks - Customized inks Ink colors: Black, yellow, red, orange, white, blue, green, silver-gray

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  • Accessories for industrial inkjet printers
  • Inks for industrial inkjet printers

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