Innovative self-sufficient system of firefighting


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Autonomous fire extinguishing system Hyperbola is designed to extinguish without human intervention class A, B fires and electrical equipment under voltage in objects of protection of small volume from 0.03 to 2.2 m3, located in rooms with operating temperatures from minus 40 ° С to plus 60 ° С and relative air humidity up to 98 percent at a temperature of + 25 ° С. The product is a sealed tube made of a special polymer material filled with a liquid extinguishing agent (GFFS) - a liquefied mixture based on organofluorine substances, sealed at both ends. The unit has overpressure inside the housing. The polymer material provides reliable storage of the extinguishing agent and its release under strictly defined conditions.

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Product features

Extinguishing volume From 0,03 м3 up to 2.2 м3
Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment Up to 35 кW
Temperature range From -40°C up to +60°C
Type of extinguishing agent Liquid extinguishing agent (GFFS) - a liquefied mixture based on organofluorine substances
Range of devices Giperbola 30; Giperbola 50, Giperbola 100; Giperbola 200, Giperbola 500; Giperbola 1000
Main advantages No maintenance within up to 5 years
Main advantages No current supply
Main advantages Safe for human
Main advantages Easy to install
Main advantages Easy to remove from the surface
Main advantages No damage to protected object if installed properly
Main advantages Non-ozone-depleting
Area of using of the device At checkpoints, dispatch machines, power plants, railway transport, electric transport, etc.
Area of using of the device In television and radio equipment and computer technology. Electrical cabinets

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