Innovative way to enter foreign markets:

your foreign presence starts even with 1 person on the ground


Entering multiple foreign markets as a manufacturing or a trading company has never been easier thanks to the innovative way of expanding globally, which is through foreign employment of the dedicated sales managers in your key foreign markets. Acumen International offers its Global Employer of Record solution to help small/medium companies to take their businesses to new global levels without any constraints limiting their growth potential like lack of time, financial and/or human resources. Our solution radically changes the way international business is done by giving both small businesses and large multinationals equal opportunity to expand their global footprint and boost international sales fast and risk-free. Our solution relieves manufacturing companies of the hurdles that are associated with foreign countries entry, thereby enabling them to enter/withdraw from multiple global markets fast and easily. Contact us to discuss how we can help you streamline your global expansion.

Business Consultancy
  • Global expansion
  • Global employment outsourcing
  • Global Employer of Record
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