Insecticide ULV sprayer Rofa The Rofa ULV sprayer is used for example for controlling insects in the stable Flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes are a major evil in stables because they are carriers of disease and bring unrest to the stall. They stress cattle, chickens and pigs, and thus disturb the success of breeding and fattening. With ROFA pests can be controlled effectively and efficiently. for the center of an infestation in a green house In case of fungal infestation or insect attacs in green houses the centers of infestation can be treated selectively with fungicides or insecticides. With use of insecticides and fungicides, the notes of the manufacturer must be observed. Your advantages saves money: lower insecticide use saves time: rapid output low weight, easy to operate versatile applicability Less use of insecticide For a 500 m² stall only 50 – 80 ml of preparation are necessary. From 1 ml of preparation, the high rotating speed of 12,000 rpm creates 45 million droplets, which are evenly distributed in the room. Thus the consumption is considerably reduced as compared to conventional processes. Less time For 500 m² only 5 – 7 min are needed! Through the rapid rotation and the downstream ventilator the medium is evenly distributed up to 7 m wide. Simply walk down the centre aisle and spray the boxes first on one side and then on the other. Set-up time is omitted because the preparation is inserted undiluted. Easy to handle ROFA is imaginably easy to operate: Fill in the preparation, switch on the equipment, set the shutoff valve to blue for flying insects … and go. In addition ROFA only weighs 2.4 kg plus the small amount of undiluted preparation. Versatile applicability This new device technology was successfully tested together with environmentally friendly, biodegradable preparations in long-term practical experimenting by the Federal Health Office in Berlin. For example, natural pyrethrum extract was used against cockroaches in foods and tested against flying insects in stables. The active ingredient distinguishes itself through an immediate, especially high killing rate along with the most frugal consumption. Technology The ULV rotating nozzle creates microscopically small droplets that hover in the air for several minutes and only fall extremely slowly. The constant flying of insects automatically leads to a successful treatment that can hardly be achieved with other spraying processes. The range of droplet size is defined so that they are demonstrably not respirable (approx. 35 m = 0.035 mm). Technical data Container volume 500 ml Weight: 2,4 kg (empty weight Drive: rechargeable battery Operating time: approx. 60 minutes Example Pig and cattle stalls, and stables and poultry barns in particular that are severely infested with flies can be cleared extremely economically through the limited use of a biodegradable, thus environmentally-friendly agent, with the minimum of effort. For a stall with an area of 500 m², 10 to 15 minutes is now all it takes, instead of the usual 2 to 3 hours! Example: 1. Volume of the stall approx. 1,500 m³ 2. Duration of spray approx. 5 minutes 3. Consumption approx. 50 to 80 ml. Switch off ventilation for up to 15 minutes after spraying. 4. CAUTION! At temperatures of 30 to 35°, switch off the ventilation for no longer than 10 minutes. 5. Work backwards from the end of the central aisle towards the exit. Hold the device horizontally. 6. Treat one side first, then the boxes on the other side.

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