Insecticide ULV sprayer Rofa The Rofa ULV sprayer is used for example for controlling insects in the stable Flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes are a major evil in stables because they are carriers of disease and bring unrest to the stall. They stress cattle, chickens and pigs, and thus disturb the success of breeding and fattening. With ROFA pests can be controlled effectively and efficiently. for the center of an infestation in a green house In case of fungal infestation or insect attacs in green houses the centers of infestation can be treated selectively with fungicides or insecticides. With use of insecticides and fungicides, the notes of the manufacturer must be observed. Your advantages saves money: lower insecticide use saves time: rapid output low weight, easy to operate versatile applicability Less use of insecticide For a 500 m² stall only 50 – 80 ml of preparation are necessary. From 1 ml of preparation, the high rotating speed of 12,000 rpm creates 45 million droplets, w

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