Inserts for aluminum die casting

Inserts made of tungsten and molybdenum alloys for aluminum die casting
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During the aluminum casting process, the metal melt is either poured or pressed into the mold. This process is used, for example, to manufacture cylinder heads, wheel rims and many other aluminum castings. Here, the mold has to repeatedly withstand the metal melt at a temperature of over 600 °C: for inserts made of our tungsten-heavy metal alloy Densimet® and the molybdenum alloy TZM, that's not a problem. The benefits to you: — Shorter cycle times — Top surface quality for your products — Long mold service life — No cracks in the mold insert Tailor-made mold inserts, sprue bushes, cooling inserts and other individual parts as well as semi-finished products for your mold are available.

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