Inspection of laser weld on seams on pipe coils

Application - service


A plant manufacturer intends to measure the geometry of the laser weld seam of pipe coils, combined with the detection of flaws in welding, like undercuts, pores and warpage. This inspection has to be carried out already in the course of the welding procedure. Until now, the client attempted to solve this problem by means of camera supervision, but this method turned out to be not stable in process. The challenge In this application, two main problems are encountered during laser weld inspection: Due to the proximity to the welding process, the laser scanner is exposed to a large amount of secondary light. Scondly an extremely high ambient temperature has to be taken into consideration as well. The QuellTech Solution The Q4-80 system delivered by QuellTech features water cooling and a protective pane, which represents a reliable insulation against weld chips and other kinds of pollution. Particular interference filters are provided as well, to eliminate the influence of...

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