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Instructions for repairs / touch-ups with WEICON products - Practical examples or instructions for repairs, touch-ups and maintenance


Practical examples of repairs with WEICON products, e.g. Renewal of a machine tool bed Repair of the fan housing of a ventilator Fixing of a logo on a sign Repair of a drive shaft Coating of a pump housing Manufacture of axle collars Installation of an abrasion protection made of ceramics in pipe connections Repair of conveyor belts in a quartz sand works Bonding of wheel tyre and gear wheel in a gravel plant Repair of agitators Repair of the end cover of a seawater filter on a yacht Relining of a machine/robot stand base Bonding of polyethylene strips to aluminium rails Internal thread bonding of a jackhammer Bonding of stoneware sewage shafts with plastic channels Repair of a pump bucket wheel Repair of the foundations of a conveyor system in a copper mine Bonding of the radiator of an electric racing car Repair of a polyethylene tank in agriculture Repair and reconstruction of pumps Repair of ships / keels