Mx™ Software Instrument Control & Data Analysis Software for ZYGO 3D Optical Surface Profilers ZYGO's Mx™ software powers complete system control & data analysis, including interactive 3D maps, quantitative topography data, intuitive navigation, & built-in SPC with statistics, control charting, and pass/fail limits. Mx Software Screen (click image for a larger view) Control Chart (click image for a larger view) Detail on a U.S. Quarter 120° Cone Measurement Diamond-Turned Optic All New Analysis & Control Software Mx is ZYGO's software platform for instrument control and data analysis. Running on a latest generation CPU, and using a simple workflow based concept, users easily navigate the metrology experience from setup through analysis and reporting. Interactive and detailed data plots show full area data in 2D or 3D; profile slices, material ratio, slope analysis, and PSD views are also standard capability. With built-in SPC, pass/fail indication, data reporting