Intake Screen - Intake screen also called T-screen is used to intake water in different areas

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Intake screen also called Tscreen is used to intake and clear water in many industrial areas. They are commonly used in hydroelectric, agricultural, drinking applications to prevent dirty materials from the water. Intake screen is commonly used in lakes known as lake pump intake screen. Advantages Intake water works as passive intake screen to intake of water for generating electricity for hydropower. Water intake filter screens can intake clean water by eliminating unwanted materials. Because of its simple cleaning, major maintenance is not required for the operational time. Highperformance water filtration Fish friendly Corrosion resistance Passive intaking water High durability – less maintenance Easy to install Applications Intake Screens provide a very large area with surface and can be easily retrofitted for your applications. Intake screens are placed easily near lakes or rivers to intake water. Hydropower Intake Lake Application River Application Water Cleaning

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