Complex Remote Sensing Technique (CRS) is an up-to-date technique of mineral exploration where the latest state–of-the-art achievements in earth remote sensing and information processing technologies are used together with an integrated analysis of the results of all types of geological, geochemical and geophysical works. The CRS technique is designed for detection of mineral deposites indications on multispectral satellite images. Such indications are unique for each specific useful mineral. Therefore the technique is adopted by “OZGEO” specialists for identification of the most promising areas where necessary minerals can be deposited. Yet at the forecast-reconnaissance stage of geological exploration the use of CRS technique helps to significantly reduce the volumes of expensive ground exploration operations including drilling.

Environmental research
  • Geology - studies and research
  • geological surveys
  • advice for prospecting and mining

Product features

Remote Sensing for Ore Mineral Resources spectral anomalies; tectonic structure; thermal field
Remote Sensing for Hydrocarbons hydrocarbon impact on the daylight earth surface

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