Integrity Test Device Technocheck®-2

Integrity testers


TechnoCheck®2 is an automatic integrity test device for testing the integrity of membrane filter elements, used in biopharmaceuticals in the production of medical products. The device is designed for testing systems with flat disk membranes; with cartridge filter elements; with capsules. In accordance with GMP requirements, it is necessary to check the integrity of the membranebased filter elements in order to ensure the quality of manufactured products. Technofilter RME has developed the first Russian automatic instrument for integrity control. This device is extremely easy to operate and allows you to control integritiy of membranebased filter elements according to the main standard methods.

Fastening devices - machines for production
  • Test Device
  • Integrity Test
  • control panel

Product features

Housing material Plastic
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 430 x 310 x 170 mm
mmTouch screen size 5,7" TFT
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Input power 300 W
Protection rating IP 54
Pressure drop 0-1000 kPa
Diffusion 0-300 ml / min
Bubble point 0,80-5,50 bar
Volume ±5%
Pressure ±0,25%
Diffusion ±5 %
Bubble point ±0,05 bar
Maximum air pressure 6 bar
Ambient temperature 15-35 ° C
Relative humidity 10-80%
Storage temperature 0-40 ° C

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