Intelligent disconnector IDD

OHL automation system


Intelligent disconnector Lodestar IDD is designed for rapid remote sectioning of overhead power lines 6-10 kV and for detection of stable and unstable fault processes including all types of phase-to-ground faults. Integration of Lodestar IDD into power line automation system allows building an efficient and inexpensive line sectioning system. Operational switching of sections of the electric circuit is performed by means of the automated drive located in the disconnector’s control cabinet. The status of the disconnector is displayed on the dispatcher’s control panel and directly on the disconnector’s control unit. Lodestar IDD benefits: • Selective detection of all types of emergency situation including phase-to-ground faults with low currents and unstable fault processes; • Observability of each section of electrical grid through the use of fault indicators with the function of determination of fault currents direction

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • disconnector
  • phase-to-ground faults
  • rapid remote

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