Interact with your digital instrument clusters for a full ergonomic simulation TechViz I3 option is easy to use and enables to visualize human-machine interaction scenarios, combining non-3D elements within a 3D model. Interact Instantly with your Digital Instrument Clusters, Digital Infotainment, Navigation Systems, Digital Speedometer, Digital Electronic Control Unit, Digital climate control or any kind of HMI in your product design. The aim is to emulate a touch-sensitive interaction with HMI in an immersive environment. These HMI are independent 2D applications integrated in the mock-up. For exemple in a virtual car, user’s fingers can be tracked thanks to a thimble for interaction with the virtual GPS interface. The collision between the interaction tool and the user interface emulates a computer mouse click. It enables to create various scenarios such as testing hand accessibility to the main commands from the driver seat of a car.

Software for industry
  • VR software
  • Interactive 3D
  • 3d visualization software

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Simulate instrument clusters in Virtual Reality and assess HMI ergonomics

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