Interch. hexagon ratchet/Square Drive Torque/Torque Wrench

Torsion X


The versatile HexProTM Series supports an extensive range of interchangeable hexagon ratchet links that deliver a torque range of 150 ft-lbs. to 30,000 ft-lbs. - Compact Design - 360° Hose Swivel Assembly - Anti-Jam Torque Release Lever MaxDrv – Square Drive Torque Wrenches take on the toughest bolting jobs without missing a beat. They deliver precision torque during bolt makeup and maximum torque during bolt breakout. - Compact Design - 360°Hose Swivel Assembly - Anti-Jam Torque Release Lever The RufNex Extra Low Clearance Torque Wrench has the same speciications as the HexPro Hydraulic Torque Wrench, the ideal tool for narrow spaces. - Use together with HexPRO - Tosionfree cylinder - In-line reactieonarm

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