TECHNICAL DEFINITION Ready-to-use coating paste for smoothing irregular surfaces on interior and exterior walls. Particularly suitable for damp areas. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Emulsion resin, calcium carbonate, water, rheological agent and various additives. The paste is off-white in colour. SUITABLE SURFACES • Plasterboard panels • Plaster blocks • Ceramic tiles • Concrete • Cement coating • Rpe • Old paint • Glass web fabric • Sanded and printed wood SUITABLE SURFACES Plaster-based top coat. Paste coating. Matte paint. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Granulometry : up to 0.6 mm • Adherence : complies with NFT 30 608 • pH : neutral • Dry extract : 80% STORAGE 6 months in unopened original packaging, away from frost and extreme heat. CLASSIFICATION AFNOR NFT 36.005. FAMILY IV - CLASS 4 B. COMPLIES WITH DTU 42.1. PREPARATION OF SURFACES Surfaces must comply with standard DTU 59.1, and be clean, dry and free from dust and any trace of separating agent.

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