Lightweight, compact inverter power source for TIG manual or orbital welding (automatic detection) in conjunction with all Orbitec controllers. Technical Data: Output: DC Mains voltage: AC 1 x 230V Mains frequency: 50 / 60Hz Power rating: 4.4kVA Generator output: 7.5kVA Current range: 5A – 200A Welding current: - 25% TIG / MMA: 200A - 60% TIG / MMA: 150A - 100% TIG / MMA: 120A Weight: 8.9kg Dimensions (L x W x H): 475 x 180 x 295mm Package includes: - Inverter - Power cable Optional: Cool 50 water cooling unit Inverter Tetrix 200 (auto-range) as an additional model (control range 5 - 200A | 110 / 230V | item number 1.2.0120): Same characteristics as Tetrix 200 inverter but an input voltage of 115VAC or 230VAC can be used. No switching required as the unit recognises the input voltage and adjusts automatically. Note: Maximum output of 150A when used with 115VAC.

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • orbital welding
  • orbital welding system
  • inverter

Product features

Output DC or Auto-range
Mains voltage AC 1 x 230V or 115V
Mains frequency 50 / 60Hz
Power rating 4.4kVA
Generator output 7.5kVA
Current range 5A – 200A
Welding current 25% TIG / MMA 200A
Welding current 60% TIG / MMA 150A
Welding current 100% TIG / MMA 120A
Weight 8.9kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 475 x 180 x 295mm

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