30 W solar power kit Solar island system 30 W Electrical devices can be operated with this solar power kit when camping or in your garden shed or garage at home. It consists of a powerful 30 Wp solar module, a 10 A charge controller with overcharge and deep discharge protection, an LED light with a luminosity of 640 lumens and a 5 m connection cable for the solar module on the charge controller, as well as a 2 m long cable with round terminals for the connection of a battery. A battery is not included. Technical information: Solar module: max. consumption 30 Wp, crystalline solar module with aluminium frame, nominal current 1.73 A, nominal voltage 17.28 V, length 51.5 cm, width 45.5 cm, height 2.3 cm. Charge controller: max. charging/load current 10 A, overcharge and deep discharge protection, polarity reversal protection, LED display for the level of charge, suitable in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +55°C, only for use indoors LED linear light operating voltage range 12 -...

Product features

Colour grey
Length 51,5 cm
Width 45,5 cm
Height 2,3 cm

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