Iso Container


An ISO container is an ideal place for warehousing perishable goods. Thanks to the perfectly insulated box, materials and other perishables can be stored or transported. An insulating container is ideally suited to store food such as dried fruits, beverages or freshly produced products. The interior of the insulted container, especially with the side walls that insulate with special foam, is very temperature-friendly. This allows servers, compressor systems, pumping systems or industrial machines to be installed without any problem as well as prevents condensation and protects the contents from water. ISO containers are also wind and waterproof and can be placed outdoors without any reservations. Strong sun, cold and various outside temperatures have no effect on it. Optionally, ISO containers can be equipped with a cooling unit or heating system in order to reach certain temperatures. Refrigeration containers make for the perfect insulation since the container has the same...

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