Universal Damping Plates Natural frequency 12 Hz to 50 Hz Load range 0.002 N/mm 2 to 0.5 N/mm 2 Universally applicable and custom manufactured: ACE supplies cushioning pads in the SL-170 to SL-720 range under its brand name SLAB. These universally applicable absorbers are made from highly cushionable elastic PUR materials. The 12.5 mm or 25 mm thick plates can be supplied with a density of 170 kg/m 3 to 720 kg/m 3 provide made-to-measure vibration isolation. They can be combined as isolation packages and custom-made to suit requirements, using water-jet cutting. Other made-to-measure options from ACE include on-site vibration measurement and product selection, a special sizing software package, and cost-neutral design.

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