J73A UP®



J73A UP is the next generation of anodized aluminum coil stock for architectural facades and roofing. Well suited for the challenges of modern architecture, this Novelis product arrives already anodized so that it can be used immediately. Take advantage of characteristic brilliance, a long service life due to a high degree of surface hardness, as well as outstanding UV, weather and corrosion resistance.

Structures, aluminium
  • Aluminum Coil
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Aluminium architectural facades

Product features

Alloy EN AW 5005 (AlMg1-B)
Temper H14 / H12
Available thickness in mm 0.8 – 3 / 4
Available sheet width in mm max 2000
Available sheet length in mm max 7900
Thickness of layer in µm 20
Permissible stress 97 Mpa
Elongation limit A 50 > 10 %
Tensile strength Rm 220 – 270 MPa
Linear expansion 0,024 mm/m/°K
Elasticity 70.000 MPa
Corrosion resistance ASS-test: after 500 hrs of exposure no corrosion; acetic acid under pH 3
Protection film 80 [μm] Polyethylene, removable up to 6 month after installation

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