Whole Art.-Nr. 4005-1 The jalapeño is a fruit, a medium sized chilli pepper with a warm, burning sensation when eaten. A mature jalapeño is 5–9 cm long and is commonly picked and sold when still green, but occasionally when ripe and red. It is a cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum originating in Mexico. It is named after Xalapa, Veracruz, where it was traditionally cultivated. About 160 square km are dedicated for the cultivation in Mexico. The growing period is 70–80 days. Typically a plant produces twenty-five to thirty-five pods. During a growing period, a plant will be picked multiple times. As the growing season ends, jalapeños start to turn red. Once picked, individual Jalapeno ripen to red of their own accord. The peppers can be eaten green or red. When dried and smoked the jalapeno is called Chipotle Compared to other chillis, the jalapeño has a heat level that varies from mild to hot depending on our cultivation and preparation. The heat, caused by capsaicin and...

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