Jam “Mango with raspberries and juniper berries”

2.00$ HT


Mango with raspberries and juniper berries. Thick, sweet, spicy, with a light raspberry freshness. Just imagine it! Soffits. Cameras. Thousands of sparkling eyes. The gentleman Mango appears in a white tie made of marmalade cubes. For a thick look, fragrant mango puree is added. The light falls on the lady Raspberry. She enchants and wins hearts in her wonderful bright red dress. The Mango and the raspberry mix in a dance. They do the first step and the hall just stops with the beauty. Then the round and blue Juniper bursts onto the stage. It is piquant and very unusual. Oh! What happens next? The hall became agitated. The Juniper mixes in the juicy couple’s dance, leaving them only with its spice and bright taste. Delicious on a crispy toast with smoked meat and semi-hard cheese.

Fruit preserves and jams
  • ecological food
  • Natural sweets

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