Jam “Lemon with jasmine flowers and sumac berries”

2.00$ HT


Once upon a time, the Duke of Tuscany had the first jasmine bush in Italy. The Duke strictly forbade his gardener to give anyone even the smallest shoot. The gardener obeyed the proud and greedy owner until he fell in love and gave his lady a bouquet of blooming jasmine branches. The young lady guessed the value of the gift and planted the shoots. Since then, in Italy the scent of jasmine bushes has symbolized love that is stronger than prohibitions. The jam is refreshing like a gentle wind on the coast of Italy. It “sounds” like a bell. Loudly. Brightly. With a peculiar bitterness. Until a pleasant muscle tension behind the ears! Suddenly it disappears as quickly as it appeared. Then, a fresh lemon blast! Daring and springy. It is like biting a lemon and waiting for a sour attack. But there is not any. There is only a pleasant sourness, which is ideally complemented by ground sumac berries. Delicious with cottage cheese, ice cream, semi-hard and blue cheeses.

Fruit preserves and jams
  • jams and jelly
  • Sauces
  • Organic food

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