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The efficiency of a Steam turbine is mainly determined by the pressure of the steam at its outlet. The Turbine Surface Condenser is therefore maintained under vacuum. To enable this, the Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System must be capable of removing all non condensable and associated water vapour from the Surface Condenser to produce the minimum steam condensing pressure consistent with physical dimensions and heat transfer and to provide for deaeration of the condensate. The sources of non condensables include air leakage through all system components operating below atmospheric pressure, gases released from feedwater drains and vents admitted to the condenser, gases released for makeup admitted to the condenser, condensate surge tank when utilized in a closed cycle and disassociation of feedwater into oxygen, hydrogen and non condensables.

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Vacuum is necessary during various steps of edible / vegetable oil and food processing. These steps essentially include hydrogenation, fractionation, bleaching, deodorization and deacidification. Out of all vacuum equipments, Ejector Vacuum System has established the superiority and versatility of their use as compared to mechanical vacuum pumps. The most outstanding advantage of the Steam Jet Ejector is total absence of moving parts which eliminate mechanical breakdown, and assures constant and dependable operation with freedom from repairs. No adjustment or lubrication is required nor are any specially trained operator necessary as their operation is very simple. Over and above, Steam Jet Ejector Vacuum System convey at very high velocity which are many times the speed of sound, they are capable f handling large volume under vacuum thus making them eminently suitable for deodorization application wherein high quality of open / sparging steam has to be handled.

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A Steam Conditioning Valve / Combined PRDS Valve is the combination of pressure reduction and temperature reduction of superheated steam to fit process needs, protect downstream equipment or allow the use of less expensive materials or schedules for downstream piping. This is done with a pressure reducing valve and a spray water addition section either as separate units or a single device. Pressure reduction is carried out with a pressure reducing trim within the valve body, usually multi stage pressure reduction. The pressure is controlled by an upstream or downstream pressure controller, signaling the valve to modulate to maintain the pressure at the required set point.Temperature is controlled by adding water to the steam in such away that it will get fully evaporated in the steam, termed as desuperheatmg. These applications are normally considered to be some of the most severe services of any valves in a modem steam plant.

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The Steam Surface condenser is a critical component of both the traditional coal fired power plant and the new generation cogeneration and combined cycle power plants. Main duties of any Surface Condenser are to convert the exhaust steam from its gaseous to its liquid state at certain under atmospheric pressure, and also, to release non condensable presented in the steam cycle, together with vacuum unit. Jet Flow designs and economically sized condenser suitable for smaller turbine ratings under 100 MW. The circular configuration is compact for easy shipping and maintains the level of quality afforded all of our condenser designs. All of Jet Flow’s Surface Condensers are designed and built to the Heat Exchange Institute latest Standards. We also strive to meet all of our client’s project specific requirements.

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Jet Flow UK is engineering company and a leading supplier of energy efficient industrial equipments for process and power sectors. With our strategic partnership with Jet Flow Technologies India, you have the option to buy, either Made in India or Made in Europe. Our design and engineering headquarter is located at Chennai in India and we at Jet Flow UK serves our customer partners primarily in Europe. We are relatively a young team of expert engineers and renowned technocrats supported by the promoters who have acquired high end technologies from the west and are in the field of handling steam for over three decades. We have three divisions, namely Vacuum, Valve and Heat Transfer Division. We design highly advanced engineering equipments in steam & vacuum technologies and special valve solutions, meeting customers' most critical applications, improving process efficiencies and performance and helping in energy conservation. Jet Flow specialize in design, manufacturing and supply of Steam Jet Air Ejector (SJAE), Turbine Vacuum System, Multiple Stage Steam Jet Ejector Booster, Steam Jet Ejector with Water Ring Vacuum Pump Combination System, Steam Jet Thermocompressor, Jet Mixer, Liquid / Water Jet Ejector, LP / HP Feed Water Heater, Steam Surface Condenser, Gland Steam Condenser, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Lube Oil Cooler, Turbine Bypass Valve/System, Steam Conditioning Valve, PRDS Valve, Steam Desuperheater, Pneumatic Control Valve, Angle Type Control Valve etc. etc.


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