JOMA Creme Dispenser - vacuum pump system

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JOMA takes the classic pump dispenser to a new level. The JOMA vacuum pump system provides an impressive range of functional details: the three-stage dosing quantity setting, the self-closing protective cap, the integrated double tamper-evident protection and extensive customization options. Viscous and heavy media are gernerally a great challenge for pump dispensers. Due to the resistance of a viscous medium, cavities are easily created in the the pumping performance suddenly breaks down. JOMA therefore relies on the vacuum pump system. The overflow sleeve, which rests on the medium, prevents unwanted air pockets and conveys fluid and even highly viscous media homogeneously through the riser pipe. It seals off cleanly from the container wall and hygienically prevents the contents from drying out. On request, all parts in contact with the product can be produced metal-free to exclude reactions with the medium.