A jack plane is the general-purpose bench plane, used for general smoothing of the edges, sizing of timber but only making it smaller to correct size wood edge jointing. Jack planes can be made to perform some of the work of both smoothing and jointer planes. Corrugated soles have less bearing surface so less drag. They don’t easily allow the vacuum to form that can grab a flat soled plane and stop it in it’s tracks on a very smooth piece of wood. • Cast Iron Body. • Blade made from Alloy Steel, hardened and Ground. • Bottom Perfectly Machined. • Engineered from Hight Precision. • Seasoned knob & Handle. Item Code No.Size InchSize mmSize No.Blade Size (Inch) ABM-WWT-25061820031-3/4" ABM-WWT-25062922542 ABM-WWT-250639-3/4"24542 ABM-WWT-250641435052 ABM-WWT-250651845062-1/4" ABM-WWT-250662050072-1/4" ABM-WWT-250672255072-1/4" ABM-WWT-250682460082-1/2"

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