Jangheung Eco-friendly No-Acid Laver Snack(pack of 20ea)


'Jangheung Eco-friendly No-Acid Laver', which is a perfect organic processed food using organic oil, organic sesame oil, and sea salt, is a delicious safe food that considers taste, nutrition and health. <Company Information> Smart FPC Co., Ltd., a fishery corporation, is a base for producing seafood in the food industry complex of Jangheung Bio, Jeollanam-do. By establishing a distribution center, the fishermen in the Jangheung area are organized to improve the quality of production and stability of production. Raised. Consumeroriented eco-friendly solutions based on advanced equipment, sanitary facilities, and specialized R&D capabilities We develop, produce, and distribute algae food and further provide a safe and healthy table culture.

  • Fish, seafood and snails, preserved
  • seafood
  • edible seaweed
  • Laver Snack

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