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Applicable Product Range Of Japan PSE Certification


Diamond PSE:Electric wires, wiring appliances, current limiters, transformers, stabilizers, electric heating appliances, electric power application machinery, AC electrical machinery, portable generators, other AC machinery, electrical conduits, small AC motors, light sources and light sources Applied machinery, batteries, etc. belong to the product range specified by the Safety Law for Certain Electrical Supplies,165 products.Round PSE:Products that fall outside the specific electrical appliance safety law, such as: electric blankets, electric steamers, electric irons, electric ovens, microwave ovens, hair humidifiers, refrigerators, electric mixers, electric egg cookers, and electric insulation basins , Hair dryer, electric humidifier, projector, washing machine, incandescent bulb, fluorescent lamp, table lamp, decorative lamp, advertising lamp, lithium battery and all 341 products

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